Experienced 3D freelance writer, renderer and modeler. Certified software project manager. Avid reader.
Gaming addict. With social life.

That’s me in a nutshell; I am half Dutch and half Norwegian, and grew up speaking English. I currently live in Oslo, Norway. In addition to 2-and 3D, I love to cook, my pets, reading, photography, gaming, and making everybody groan over my penchant for mixing and mangling words and phrases – like coming up with the concept of emphyrric victories. I am a self-professed nerdy girl; I game, do some simple coding of my own, have a few obscure hobbies, love sci-fi – to the extent I can shoot back the follow-ups when someone starts quoting. (Just don’t ask me to sing about Arnold Rimmer) Like most other people, I love music and can listen to anything from pre-Renaissance to Black Flag to Imagine Dragons. Or white noise when I need to focus in a noisy environment Oh, and tea. As long as I have a cup of good tea, I can go on forever!


 I have been an enthusiastic workplace schizophrenic ever since I attended Westerdal’s School of Communication. Or; dropped out just before my final exam sometime last century, to be precise,. Somewhere along the way, I became a mix of vertex and pixel-slinging writer and technophile. I mostly blame this on Westerdals, as they also introduced me to the lifelong love-affair I have with computer technology. ; Their Macs opened entirely new doors and universes for me. This is how, and why I jumped ship into a world of better money and worse hours, by rebooting as a SysAdmin – with Novell and Windows certifications from the dark ages.
I moved up and along into software development as a tester/test manager, and took my first Project Management class in ’98, as the junior in the classroom.
I have since taken courses and certifications in anything from Public Acquisitions to a starter in Escenic, am a SCRUM-mistress, and recently worked towards a bachelor’s in Project Management from BI – The Norwegian School of Business.
My paper was on risk management and communication in international projects.
I’ve started some  generic Product Management classes via a bundle at Entrepreneur.com, and also recently started updating my CG skills – all the test rendering made me a little rusty, so I am updating my Zbrush and Max skills with some Udemy and ArtStation classes. I am also starting a Prince2  Foundation and Practitioner certification run spring 2020. I should say I am working towards a PMP, but I am not really motivated to do CV fodder like this, I’ve seen so many paper PMPs, I lost faith in the certification. 

Places I’ve worked

 B efore I decided to take a break from consulting in 2012, I decided to be my own boss for a while. I spent 2012 to 16 running my own company, Northern-Studios, full-time. I returned to consulting in 2016 when I was invited onto AMD’s Radeon ProRender team,  Where I worked until summer 2018 as a technical artist/technical project manager. I was then invited to the French UV mapping startup Rizom-Lab, where I currently contract as Product Manager. Before spending a few years in 3D technology, I have been lucky to work in many exciting places, from startups to full-blown telecom giants.
Starting out as a consultant on thin clients and rollouts in the late nineties, I got hired by Opera Software during its first wave of hires. I worked my way up from test-newbie to test manager. Opera was intense, and it’s where I got my penchant for working with startups. I love the sense of breaking ground and building something solid that comes with working in this kind of environment. Having said that, I also love working in general IT, as the pay is better and the hours are kinder. Which is why I’ve worked with test and release management at big telcos like NetCom (Now Telia) to military COTS software like TelePlan Globe’s Maria. Not to mention infrastructure project management at Telenor, project managing at RedPill Linpro, Norway’s only Open Source consultancy. And even EU-compliance car-system databases at the Norwegian Automobile Association (NAF). In addition, I’ve always freelanced in 2- and 3D on the side, brokering at Turbosquid, DAZ3D  and CG Trader, as well as tending to clients as diverse as DAZ Productions (where I wrote a set of tutorials called BCFs), AMD,, and 3D World, where I have been a regular contributor since 2006

IT Project Management

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Core Skills

Experience from the entire IT value chain, from Systems Administration to Software Development, Testing, Implementation and Final Rollover
* Product Management
*Project Management
* Test Process design and implementation
* Information and Intranet
* Testing and QA
* User and Technical Documentation

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Creative Skills

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Threedie Skills

Here are some of the skills I picked up during my 15+ years of 3D-ing:
* Modeling, UV-Mapping, Texturing. Rendering
* Max, Zbrush,3D Coat
* Photoshop, Substance, Quixel, MARI
* UV Layout, Unfold 3D, Rizom UV,
* Gaea, Terragen, World Creator
* Clarisse, Keyshot UnReal, Unity
* , Marvelous Designer
* Tutorial creation and writing

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Things that matter to me


I‘m passionate about what I do, be it my renders, writing or software projects. Sometimes a little too much. Sometimes I pull too many hours and fret too much, but I believe that you do need that spark, that something that fuels you, to do a good job

I also think that when that spark, that passion leaves, or fades, it’s time to say goodbye if you can. Otherwise it just turns into a demotivating grind.
I love the creative process, which I honed at Westerdals sometime back in the dark ages. I think having a foot in either field improves my work in both. I bring disciplined working habits from consulting into my creative work, and I carry parts of the creative process into my consulting work.  They’ve both also taught me to first define and sketch out the box, before allowing anyone including myself, to start  thinking outside of it.

Behaviour is truth

LLike everybody else, I have family and friends who mean the world to me, and with whom I love to spend time, regardless of whether it’s over a good, homecooked meal, or out and about, just hanging out. This matters to me – I firmly believe behaviour is truth, and it’s not how you feel that matters, but how you behave. And regardless of whether it’s work or play, one of its tenets is that you make an effort for your team or make time for the people and things in your life that matter.
I am relatively private about my personal life. Not because I have any exciting skeletons in my semi-attached, straight, no-kids, left-leaning closet, but because I like my privacy. The fact I have nothing to hide does not equate an “Access all areas”- pass to my life. Oh, and I have pets. I always have pets. I’ve had dogs, cats, horses, fish and rats. Right now it’s just two cats – Felix and Sebastian, also known as The Dynamic Duo and they are loved and spoilt to bits

(My) Art

I‘ve been drawing ever since I can remember. I don’t think I was very good at it, and for some years I got stuck in a rut. And then I discovered 3D, which I took to at once because it was so much more in line with what I saw in my mind’s eye, and what I wanted to achieve. I use various applications, but in this day and age, where everybody goes for hyperreal, I have to admit I like to add a painterly feel to my personal work. I also like other artists’ work, ranging from Beth Caverner to staples like John Howe and Alessandro Baldasseroni, Syyd Mead, Neville Page, or Alex Alvarez, with whom I shared a seat in the 2014 and 15 CGAwards jury.

Likes and Dislikes

  • That feeling of being in the zone, that total focus when you’re working on a deliverable
  • Flowers and plants on my desk (girly, I know :))
  • My semi-regular gaming meets with friends
  • Manners. Manners denote generic consideration and respect, and that matters (to me)
  • Humour. Intelligent humour. Colbert, Oliver, Bee and Stewart rather than snide and smug BS like Bill Maher


Iread. A lot. I don’t have a TV. I have yet to read 50 Shades of Grey.I have tried to deal with this obvious ordeal by reading anything from Matt Taibbi to Patrick Rothfuss to Gillian Flynn to Jay Rayner to Andrew Vachss to Umberto Eco and …well, almost anything, really. Books are still one of the best mental escapes around, and my analogue and digital bookshelves creak. Because of my book habit, language matters to me; I won’t confirm or deny being or having been a grammar troll. I also like to invent words and phrases, but I have to admit I have never been near the sheer genius of covfefe, and it’s only recently I learned that huge is spelt with a Y.


Ihate housework, which is why my flat on the quiet outskirts of Oslo is a mecca for those who love gadgets and bots; I have electronics ranging from an IronMan for my shirts, to a soup maker, to a small armada of vacuuming and washing bots for the floor. I also McGyvered my deskchair to be heated in winter via a heating pad with a control under the fabric on the back of my chair.
My latest is an electronic litter box. I was hesitant to automate cat stuff after Sebastian bravely attacked the automated cat feeder, thinking it was stealing, rather than giving him his food.


Too many to mention, but here are some of my favourite authors:


Im a gamer. I love gaming, and, despite the entitled pile of excrement called GamerGate a few years ago, I am excited about where gaming is headed. Haptics are currently really happening, and out of the realm of nausea-inducing helmets and badbad tv-series. VR is coming along in leaps and bounds, ironing out kinks and inventing new things as the technology is stepping out of its infancy. I can’t wait to see where this is going, especially when combined with good storytelling. Gaming is where I go if I can’t find a book to read, can’t relax, or what I do to process things on the backburner of my mind, or chill. I’ll play anything from Gears of War (and I am a huge fangirl) to Frostpunk to The Witcher to Mass Effect on console as well as PC. Hell, I even had a Wii U for those cold winter days I don’t want to brave the cold and head to the gym.